Eligibility – From Class 3
IT for beginners
Knowledge of IT is essential in today's world. No matter which career you choose, you need a strong foundation in IT & computers. Explore this new and exciting world with AITDS!
Take your first steps towards computer literacy and ensure that your fundamentals are strong. This will help you build a great career in any field of your choice
What you learn?
• Understand computer fundamental & internet basics
• Working knowledge of MS Office 2007 - Word, Excel, Power point.
MS-Word: Concept of word processing, Introduction to MS word, Features, Keyboard Shortcuts, Editing & Formatting documents, Table, Advance features of MS word, Mail merge, Macro, Printing, Mailing.
MS-Excel: Worksheet basics, Working with formulas and cell referencing Auto sum formatting to worksheet,
Previewing and printing Worksheet Goal seek, Validation, Graphs and Charts, Functions, Macro, Sorting, Filtering.
MS PowerPoint : Introduction, use of Standard, formatting, Drawing toolbars, Editing slides, changing templates, Slide Layouts, Inserting Clipart, Sound and Movies into Slides.