At ALMIGHTY we aim to foster lifelong learners in our children through activities that awaken their spirit and imagination and encourage early habits of observation, curiosity & exploration in them.

• Music — Developing an appreciation towards various genres of music.
• Art and Craft — Exploring their imagination through painting & drawing.
• Indoor Play — Taking delight in crawling through tunnels & riding tricycles & racing cars.
• Multi Media — Exploring a whole new world of imagination with visual aids.
• Auditorium — Boosting their self-confidence with on-stage performances.
• Dance — Instilling a love for dance with rhythm & music.
• Martial Arts — Learning life building skills such as self-confidence, respect and discipline.
• Story Time — Indulging in fun-filled story telling sessions and building new vocabulary.
OUTDOOR PLAY AREA: We make the children indulge in different games & physical activities with an appreciation of nature and the feel of seasonal changes occurring around them.
Joy Rides: Our range of joy rides include see-saw, climbers & spiral slides which develops our children gross motor skills. The children love the excitement of flying through these joy rides.
Play Ground: The kids run around, play group games, hop around & enjoy the chirping of birds which lets them have a rejuvenating experience.

OTHER ACTIVITIES: Since Children learn best through direct experiences, we encourage them to be active participants in their educational experience. Letting children explore their environment and express themselves using various media of expression is a cornerstone of the Sunshine Meadows experience. Parental Involvement: As a child spends proportionally more time at home than at school. We consider it really important to involve the parents in child's education process. We are always open to new ideas & ensure that parents are kept fully informed about events in school and the progress of their child on parent teacher meet held every quarter.