We believe that a committed and knowledgeable faculty is the backbone of successful delivery of education to children. Each of Our school is led by an extremely talented team of teachers and talent is not only attribute they possess. Each one of our teachers have an innate passion, not just teach, but also to learn.

Our teachers are expert in their fields in knowledge, in flexibility, in commitment and in motivational skills and they realise this passion by engaging with our young people. Being with them living their lives understanding them, before making them understand the lesson of life. This school also believe in developing its teacher encouraging them to enhance their skin
Teachers are the main pillar of the responsible & progressive society. They pass on knowledge & value to children to prepare them for future education. Our teachers are academically qualified, professionally trained in Early Childhood Care & Education. They know all the shades of child development & facilities child based learning by making their lesson plan & learning goals in sync with them.
Our teachers have love and passion to be with children, something that no amount of training can instill. Apart from having this very methods, innovations and early childhood development. They are capable of pre –empting your child’s needs guiding your child along the process of discovery and learning without ever being obstructive. Our teachers respect the uniqueness in every child & every child important for them the focus is equal on all the children. Our Teacher & Staff are guided by one principle:

Love Them, Own Them & Then Make Them Learn”

Building your own play school is not a dream anymore when AITDS GROUP is helping you.
  • Roshan Kumar
    Ma'am thanks a lot for all the support and teachings, you supported him not only in studies but all around. Thanks a lot for your endless efforts which make us feel proud today. Roshan loves and respect you a lot.
    Roshan Kumar
    Ranjit Choudhary
  • Ashok kumar
    It’s an honor for me to share my experience with AIS. The team of Almighty International School  has always done an excellent job to educate and nourish the life of my son. The teachers always take good care of all the kids.
    Ashok kumar
    -Father of Sumit Kumar
  • Kamal Ray
    It was such a great experience for each parent to see their loved ones first time performing on stage. I really appreciate the efforts of class teachers and the entire staff of AIS for taking good care of my child. I enjoyed the entire program and the all themes presented by the little children
    Kamal Ray
    -Father of Randhir Kumar
  • Kamal Dev
    We would like to thank the entire teachers and staff of AIS. for nurturing our child and inculcating confidence in him. We really feel that this school is the best stepping stone for Alok. We are now confident for his future and the credit goes to the hard work and patience showcased by the teachers throughout the year.
    Kamal Dev
    -Father of Alok Kumar
  • Sadanand Kamat
    It is a home away from home for my child.
    Sadanand Kamat
    -Father of Nisha Kumari
  • khalick Ahmad
    ALMIGHTY INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL provides a rich soil for the growth and development of each child
    khalick Ahmad
    -Father of Nahima Khatoon
  • lalan choudhary
    I am truly blessed to have teachers of AIS mentors of my daughter, kavya. I can see a lot of improvements in she has started speaking clearly, and has become very active and can identify many things.She adores his teachers and is always eager to go to school. Thank you!
    lalan choudhary
    Father of Kavya Choudhary