Frequently Asked Question.

1What is the admission process?
The parents would have to register the child (online / in the school office) for the age-appropriate class and submit documents accordingly. On completion of the registration process, parents will be invited for an interaction with the Principal. Admission will be confirmed on the payment of the fees.
2Is there an entrance exam for seeking admission?
No tests are required for primary till 4th class. Here, the admission can be confirmed after an interaction with the senior management of the school
3Does the school provide transport?
4How is The Almighty Kids School different from other Pre- schools?
Over the Pasr 5 years The Almighty kids School has been known for its excellence in education. Its focus is on high quality teaching and learning, a broad and rich curriculum including a robust enrichment programme, diverse extra-curricular opportunities and a supportive guidance programme. The school is not highly selective yet works on the intrinsic strengths of each student to achieve the excellent academic reputation. Within this well knit community we promote tolerance, mutual respect and valuing others’ views, even when different, or rather particularly when different from one’s own.
5What is the Student: Mentor ratio of a class?
Ratio is 25:1 (from grade 1 to grade 5) & 25:2 + 1 nanny (for grade Pre- Nursery to UKG)
6How can a Parent reach the Mentor?
PTM’s are a great time to meet a scholars Class Mentor. Weekly reports sent by each Class Mentor also help Parents keep up with what’s happening in school. For urgent matters- they can SMS or call the reception For appointments, they can contact the teachers via SMS/ Emails to fix the s
7My child is a bit of an introvert… how can the School help him/her to change that?
There is a difference between a shy and an introvert child. A shy child must not be pushed and forced against their wishes. They should be given more exposure to social events like birthday parties or playing in groups and gently urged to participate. A child’s shyness is not discussed in front of him/her in the School hours. We try to patiently cajole them to participate in various school events and behave in a confident manner ourselves so that children can imitate us. Games and role plays involving social skills are regularly practiced with them.
8Is your school a co-educational school?
Yes we are a co-educational school.
9Do parents have a role in Schools?
Parents are our partners and we appreciate suggestions inputs and their cooperation in ensuring the success of various school activities /events. They have an important role to play for the success of any system. We would like them to collaborate with us by volunteering to help impart certain skills to our learners. We have a guest speaker program where we would like parents to share their inputs on their areas of expertise. Further, they can help by enthusiastically encouraging the quest for knowledge when their children seek information, material or guidance for their projects.
10What is The Schools approach to education?
A holistic approach where students are taught the way they want to learn. Students learn by doing. Every lesson in every class, every day is a lesson for a life time.
11Whom do I contact for admissions?
1. Parents can send their enquiry on mail : 2. Parents can call no. 8789939369, we will guide them regarding the admission procedure.
12The school is upto which class?
Pre – Nursery to V